The new RAW XS light is a good example of just how quickly Exposure Lights are developing LED technology for use in the marine environment. Exposure made their debut in the marine field with their high-power compact torches some five years ago. However, their latest offering has kept the power up while pushing the size down even further. This micro-sized pocket torch has three power modes with both a white and red beam facility. It is primarily designed as a personal crew light, and if you need to protect your night vision, the red beam feature is easily engaged. The RAW XS is extremely small and lightweight, measuring in at just 70mm x 30mm and 45 grams, boasting a maximum of 200 lumens white and 100 lumens red light, with a medium and soft low mode.

With a unique single-click operation, you have quick and easy access to both colour outputs and choice of power mode. Engineered to excel in a harsh marine environment, it has a tough, high-strength aluminium casing. Waterproof to 5 metres, it will keep working in the water. With run-times of up to 25 hours on the lowest power mode, it can be recharged in 1.5 hours via a USB connection.




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