More than just a phone charger, this multi-talented piece of kit never needs connecting to the grid.

Unibank Charger

It comes in a tough case with room for two of its accessories.

The Unibank charger is a ‘must have’ accessory for anyone who likes a bit of life on the wild side. Perfect for boating, fishing, hill walking or long periods off-grid, you can keep your phone charged indefinitely without ever needing an external power source. This charger, which has taken four years to develop, is a British product, and highly original to boot. What makes it unique is that it produces a charge manually by pulling a retractable cord. Ninety seconds of pulling will give the bank enough energy to then charge a phone via a USB cable, providing sufficient power for a 25-minute call.

It has a hard-wearing carry case that keeps everything in one place and ready to use. The pull cord mechanism is located at the back of the unit, allowing the user to create power when pulling the cord through its primary generator, and then a secondary generator creates power from the recoil motion. It can also be charged via USB when a larger power reserve is needed, and an LED torch is built in.

The charger has quite a few other tricks up its sleeve that work in conjunction with its free app: 1) an ambient light attachment provides bright personal illumination with the ability to pick from the full colour spectrum via the app, and it will never run out of power as long as you can pull the cord; 2) there is a lightweight Bluetooth speaker with the bonus of a powerful bass boost via the app; 3) the most significant extra is the Safety feature through Unibank’s personal panic alarm attachment – this can either be a 120-decibel alarm or, if you pair it with your smartphone, you can send emergency texts to your contacts through the app, which allows you to send personalised SOS messages, along with your GPS coordinates. Providing you have a phone connection, this can work as an alternative to an EPIRB, as an optional subscription service will connect you to a receiving centre for emergency responses, which will then direct emergency services to your location; 4) a combined laser line and distance measurer is an unusual add-on, unless you are a member of the building or property industry, which with the app seamlessly sets up the device to measure up to 20m and store measurements, which can then be sent via email or text.

Unibank Charger

Ninety seconds of pulling the cord will provide enough power for 25 minutes of talk time.

The app will also show an in-depth analysis of both the Unibank’s and the smartphone’s batteries, including the estimated battery life available under various conditions. The app will utilise as much data as is useful and available from both the Unibank system and the smartphone, then display it in an easy-to-understand interface. 

The cost of the charger on its own is £89.95, while the ambient light attachment costs £24.95, the speaker has a price tag of £29.95, the safety/SOS device will set you back £24.95 and the laser comes in at £74.95 (all prices include VAT).

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