A simple hybrid system for providing green power that can also run on vegetable oil.

Volvo Penta have launched a new range of variable speed marine generator sets, designed as ‘enablers’ for electric propulsion. These new generator sets make it possible to build vessels with smaller battery banks, and then recharge them during passage, as and when. 

With this technology already working efficiently in proven real-world applications, Volvo Penta are offering a range of sets from the smallest D8 190 kWe up to the D16 545 kWe. Adding to the range’s ability to improve on energy sustainability, all these generators can run on HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) fuel instead of standard diesel, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

  A typical installation sees a modular series of variable speed generator sets installed to power electric drives, with or without battery banks. This direct current (DC) system is easy to upgrade with alternative/additional power sources and has fewer components. Consequently it weighs less when compared to big battery banks as the sole energy carrier, making the vessel more efficient. The modular installation also creates the option of using the minimum number of sets to deliver the power needed, so that the generator sets are then able to run in the efficiency sweet spot. The flexibility of a modular installation is further enhanced by the fact that these variable speed generators in their respective power ranges are claimed to be the most compact that meet the latest IMO Tier III regulations.  


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