This intelligent waste water filtration system removes the need for a grey-water tank. Contained within a single unit, and with a remote display screen, Wavebrite SMART removes all contaminants from grey (waste) water. This includes plastics, toxins, phosphates and pollutants, such as soap, grease, oils and microbeads. Wavebrite SMART then discharges as clean water, meeting the EU Waste Water Standard.

Many vessels have grey-water holding tanks that can be emptied dockside, but all too often boat owners simply discharge contaminated water overboard at sea. This system, being compact and lightweight, is easy to install in new builds or retrofit, so the smaller-boat owner no longer needs to haul around a tank of grey waste. The remote multifunction display screen shows the flow rate, daily and total volumes of filtered grey water, and the condition and status of the filters. The data and display function has been developed jointly by Wave International and Simarine, adding a good level of user functionality, and providing that crucial reassurance that the unit’s filter and components are operating effectively.

The input of grey water is controlled by a level switch located in the waste water sump, which comes supplied with the unit. Up to 20,000 litres of grey water can be processed before the main filter needs to be changed, indicated by a clear warning signal on the display panel. A QR code enables users to easily access all the unit’s spare part needs, and filter replacement information. Data available also shows the flow rate and accumulative volume of grey water filtered over the lifetime of the main module, with indicators on the display showing if any maintenance is required. For ease of use, the unit’s multifunction display screen can be set up in a remote location.          

Dimensions are 36cm x 67cm x 33.7; weight: 30kg.

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