Glomex have debuted the world’s first GPS antenna using ZigBee technology. What makes this antenna so effective is that it connects wirelessly to a ZigBoat system. ZigBoat is a wireless boat-monitoring system that connects via the mobile network to your phone without a subscription or set-up fee. It uses various key sensors, the main ones being a bilge flood sensor, a door/porthole sensor and a battery sensor to keep an eye on your boat’s vitals.

Now, with the ZB211 antenna, ZigBoat delivers notifications on fleet tracking, geofencing, weather forecasts and anchor watch. Like the original ZigBoat system, it has no fees, cloud service subscriptions, registrations or privacy policy agreements. It tracks a vessel’s location and movement using a real-time, one-to-one encrypted connection, thereby ensuring privacy and safety. If the boat strays from the defined geofence area or begins to drag anchor, the ZigBoat system sends a notification via an SMS message. It also records a detailed route and speed history, essential for fleet management, and provides weather forecasts through the ZigBoat mobile app for Android and iOS.

At only 10cm W x 13cm H and weighing 180g, the ZB211 can be installed in a wide range of deck locations and runs on 12/24V DC with a typical draw of 0.2W. While small, the ZB211 is robust. It has up to 20dBm of output power and receives various GNSS systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or Beidou) with an accuracy of less than 10m. Built for a marine environment, it functions from -25° to 55°C.

The price of the antenna is £157, while a full ZigBoat system costs around £550 excluding installation.


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