Sargo Boats have installed 212 solar panels in their newest production facility in their push towards becoming increasingly greener by providing their own solar energy. The company originally believed this would provide up to 30% of its daily electricity use, but the reality is even better, as for two months the solar panels produced enough energy to allow some to be fed back into the network, thereby supporting local usage.

The company’s greener vision is reflected in its new Sargo 45 boat, which provides a quieter, smoother and more fuel-efficient ride than imagined. The new craft follows the concept of tough all-season vessels built at the family boatyard in Finland, equipped with the same safe, solid features you expect from a true year-round boat, including wide side doors and single-level, deep side decks, while internally, there are options for a two- or three-cabin configuration, with two heads.

Available in both sterndrive and IPS options, the 45 has a top speed of over 37 knots. The first delivery into the UK will be in late 2023.

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