This year, Adlard Coles published Adlard Coles Shore Guide: South Brittany: Everything You Need to Know when You Step Ashore, written/compiled by writer and broadcaster Paul Heiney.

With the sailing completed, boaters will be looking to explore their destination, asking questions such as ‘how far is it to the nearest shops?’ and ‘where are the places to eat?’ They may also need help to solve practical issues, such as where to find fuel, repair centres and laundry facilities. Once fed and watered, what is there to see and do, and how can you keep the family entertained? This guide has the answers.

Packed with beautiful photographs and practical information on local facilities, places to visit and the best beaches within reach of the marina, this book will steer you towards the essentials and the pleasures of this beautiful and popular region. Ideal for sailors and designed for planning enjoyable cruises, stretching from the rock-bound shores of western Brittany to the softer and warmer parts towards La Rochelle, this handy-sized travel guide is an important resource for anyone cruising this coastline.

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