Axopar Boats Oy and Nimbus Group AB (publ) have signed an agreement whereby Nimbus Group will retain exclusive rights to sell Axopar boats on the Swedish market and continue to sell boats under the Axopar brand via a selected European dealership network. The parties will also study opportunities for operative and strategic collaboration to strengthen both brands’ market positions. 

AxoparJan-Erik Viitala, founding partner, and Ari-Pekka Saarikangas, CEO of Axopar, jointly commented: ‘By working closer together, we will offer a stronger product experience from each respective brand, and thereby attract more boaters on a global scale.’ 

Jan-Erik Lindström, CEO of Nimbus Group AB, agreed, adding: ‘The cooperation between our two companies provides clear advantages for both parties. Our respective brands complement each other well, and a deeper collaboration will enable us to offer our customers an even greater range of attractive boat models.’ /

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