Baltic Lifejackets Sweden have announced the launch of a new special-edition children’s life jacket ‒ Bamse! The popular Baltic life jacket, the Skipper, is now available featuring the Swedish cartoon character Bamse and his friends on their adventures on board their sailing boat Ida. The life jacket is fully certified and meets all the requirements for safety, functionality and visibility. 

Johan Lövqvist, CEO of Baltic Safety Products, commented: ‘We are really looking forward to this collaboration with Bamse and Story House Egmont. Bamse is a positive role model and has a strong profile in health, safety and education that goes hand in hand with our philosophy around safety.’ 

Mattias Mickelsson, responsible for Bamse licensing collaborations at Story House Egmont, added: ‘As with all our Bamse partnerships, we have high ambitions and see good opportunities for the collaboration with Baltic to be both long-lasting and strong.’

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