C-MAP have announced the release of a new version of their MAX N+ charts featuring a variety of updates and improvements. Enhancements to the charts include new port plans, as well as additional detail about existing ports, high-resolution bathymetry (HRB), Genesis Layer overlay and additional information at all zoom levels. 

New and updated port and marina plans offer an enhanced level of detail, designed to allow boaters to approach any harbour and inlet with confidence. The new HRB improves C-MAP MAX N+ charts with increased high-resolution depth contour detail, while the HRB layer offers extra contours of underwater pinnacles, ledges and canyons, aimed at helping owners find the best fishing spots and navigate safely.

The new Genesis Layer feature allows anglers to take advantage of the power of community. This update sees C-MAP MAX-N+ charts come preprogrammed with C-MAP Genesis Social Map data for both coastal and fresh water. When used with Genesis Live, it also allows you to discover new fishing spots directly on your Lowrance plotter.

For more information go to www.c-map.com

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