Production has begun of Candela’s revolutionary C-8 ‘powered by Polestar’ electric day cruiser, ushering in a new era where electric boats can cover hundreds of miles in a day with DC charging.

The Polestar-powered version of Candela’s C-8 day cruiser utilises the same 69kWh battery pack and DC fast-charging technology as the electric fastback Polestar 2, Standard range, single-motor version. This not only means a leading electric range of up to 57nm at 22 knots, but also that the C-8 is the fastest-charging boat on the market, ready to make full use of the marine DC charging networks being built out in the US and Europe.

Niklas Nordin, Chief Product Officer at Candela, said: ‘Marine DC charging coupled with our hydrofoil technology’s long electric range will introduce new ways to explore coastlines and archipelagos. While cruising nautical miles in a day in a petrol-powered boat is challenging due to noise and slamming, it’s not only doable but very enjoyable in a C-8.’

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