Stockholm-based electric boat manufacturers Candela are celebrating after the Candela C-8 was named European Powerboat of the Year 2023 at the European Powerboat Awards held at boot Düsseldorf. 

The Candela C-8 won the electric boat category, thanks to its cutting-edge hydrofoil technology, which allows the boat to fly on water using a fraction of the energy conventional boats need. With a range of 50+ nautical miles at 22 knots, the C-8 has two to three times the range of conventional electric boats and matches the performance of fossil fuel-powered speedboats. Its active hydrofoil system ensures a smooth ride, while its on-board computer automatically adjusts for side winds and waves.

Candela C-8

The real game-changer, however, lies in the C-8’s energy efficiency, and with 80% lower energy consumption than conventional vessels and an almost non-existent wake, the Candela C-8 causes minimal disturbance to marine life. 

Mikael Mahlberg, Candela’s Head of Communications, said: ‘We’re committed to revolutionising the boating industry by creating electric boats that are not only more sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also outperform traditional fossil fuel-powered boats, thus accelerating the transition to sustainable boating.’

Candela C-8

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