Boat rental company Click&Boat have acquired Nautal, their main European competitor. With the acquisition of the Spanish firm, Click&Boat have reinforced their international leadership, especially in the UK, with more than 360 boats being listed for rental in the UK by Nautal. The move will also see Click&Boat responsible for new, popular areas for boat rentals including Galway, County Leitrim, Cheshire and Lancashire.

The Click&Boat group now has 150 employees and connects a community of one million users around the world. Despite the current context, Click&Boat are consolidating the boat rental market, and the takeover of Nautal comes just four months after the acquisition of the German company Scansail.

Jeremy Bismuth, co-founder of Click&Boat, remarked: ‘Click&Boat and Nautal share many values and commonalities. The acquisition of Nautal will allow us to reach a critical size promoting optimal quality of service. We are shaping the yachting of tomorrow together, making it accessible to as many people as possible.’

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