Norwegian boat designers Cormate have welcomed Swedish manufacturers Ryds into their fold in an acquisition that preserves Ryds’ 70-year legacy with a commitment to uphold the latter’s strong brand and rich history while infusing cutting-edge innovation.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Cormate, whose boats are engineered and developed by their mother company Hydro-Design AS, have won several international awards for their groundbreaking designs and performance, and the company aims to elevate Ryds to new heights by blending efficiency, seafaring capabilities and sought-after design in this strategic Scandinavian alliance.

Jon Aksel Brynildsen, CEO of Cormate, stated: ‘Acquiring Ryds’ operational property not only secures local know-how and valuable production expertise but also anchors our dedication to preserving a legacy of craftsmanship in Ryd, ensuring a prosperous future for the community and the renowned Swedish boat manufacturing landscape.’

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