Cormate, a trailblazer in maritime excellence, proudly introduces the Super Utility 27, a groundbreaking boat model that redefines efficiency, ease of handling, and extreme sea-keeping capabilities.

Extreme Seaworthiness: Super Utility 27 is engineered to tackle the most challenging sea conditions, promising an unparalleled experience of stability and comfort. Its design ensures a smooth journey, making it the perfect choice for those seeking adventure on the water. With a main step deadrise of 22,5 and 25,2 degrees and a length/width ratio at 3.6, this hull is following the formula of classic offshore racing boats. And offshore racing really is in Cormate’s DNA.

The new hull is also constructed to be forgiving and to avoid spin outs so often connected to stepped hulls. Good stability has been another major goal, and at 60 knots you don’t even need to touch the steering wheel (but you should).

Cormate Launches Super Utility 27

Efficiency Beyond Expectations:

The advanced “Monostep 4” hull and the use of strong and rigid, but light infusion sandwich composites, gives the Utility series an outstanding efficiency. Few if any 27-foot boats with sleeping accommodation will reach 60 knots with 350 hp sterndrive power (or same speed with a Mercury 300R outboard). The consumption of only 1,1 l/nm in 40 knots with the Mercruiser 6,2L V8 350HP, is not less than revolutionary in a boat of this type and size. Powered by a modest 200 hp outboard engine, the Utility 27 achieves an impressive speed close to 50 knots. This extraordinary performance, coupled with exceptional fuel efficiency, sets a new standard in its class. The need off less engine power also produces less carbon footprints.

Ownership Cost:

Less engine for the same speed means less running cost, investment cost and insurance cost. Combined with Cormate’s unusual low value loss, this gives a very beneficial total ownership cost.

Innovative Design through CFD Analyses:

Super Utility 27 stands as a testament to Cormate’s commitment to innovation, being the first Cormate model developed with use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses. This advanced design approach optimizes performance, making it a pioneer in maritime technology.

Versatile Comfort with T-Top Roof:

Super Utility 27 offers versatile comfort with the option to equip a T-Top roof, providing protection against the strong sun or rain. This thoughtful addition ensures that passengers can enjoy the journey in any weather condition, further enhancing the overall boating experience.

Cormate Launches Super Utility 27

Unforgettable Moments with Friends and Family:

Super Utility 27 is not just a boat; it’s an invitation to create unforgettable memories with friends and family. Imagine the fantastic feeling of being out on the water, surrounded by loved ones, enjoying a relaxing day at sea. Whether it’s a thrilling water sports adventure or a leisurely cruise, this boat is designed to enhance the joy of shared experiences.

User-Friendly Experience:

Designed for ease of handling, Super Utility 27 ensures that both seasoned sailors and newcomers alike can navigate with confidence. The boat’s intuitive controls and responsive handling make it a joy to operate on the water.

Founder and Chief Designer Egil Ranvig reflects on the Super Utility 27, expressing, “Its’s a real no-nonsense boat. A lot of time and effort is used designing a very efficient boat with outstanding sea-keeping capabilities, but just as much effort is used making it user friendly. We try to make the details not only elegant, but also highly functional.

Another priority is making the boat feel “natural”, everything is where it should be, including the height and placing of seats, controls, steering wheel, and windscreen. This together with the sharp handling, the lightweight agility, and the precise electronic racing controls, gives the driver a unique feel of confidence. Quite simply, this model embodies our relentless pursuit of perfection on the water, ensuring that every moment aboard is a maritime delight”.

Cormate’s CTO Stian Ranvig has developed and constructed the boat together with Egil Ranvig. Here’s the following key points he had in mind when working on the new Cormate model,

“The Utility 27 / Super Utility 27 is designed based on a fundamental theory that it should be functional, fast, and fuel-efficient. During testing, it becomes evident that theory has been successfully translated into practice in a compelling manner.

Additionally, the SU27’s helm is designed to be as ergonomically correct and practical as possible, making the boat both easy to navigate and safe to operate.

CTO Stian Ranvig also wishes to highlight that the boat has been specially developed and constructed to remain stable at high speeds. Extensive analyses and calculations have been employed to create a self-balancing hull, making it easy to operate at all speeds. Cruising at 40 knots feels effortless and very comfortable for a boat this size. This approach to designing a new boat makes it user-friendly and functional for all boat operators”.

Contact your local Cormate dealer to experience the Super Utility 27 firsthand and witness the future of maritime innovation.

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