Crewsaver launched their new ErgoFit+ life jacket at this year’s METSTRADE show. The new life jacket will arrive in March 2019.

The ErgoFit+ features a new halo hood system, inspired by product developments for the aviation market as well as the renowned search and rescue organisation Les Sauveteurs en Mer, and is designed to significantly enhance the wearer’s safety as it increases visibility, helps retain heat and protects the airway to reduce the risk of water inhalation.

Crewsaver’s head of design, Nigel Parkes, said: ‘We work closely with organisations across a variety of sectors to constantly drive forward the safety technology used in our products. When we develop a new feature, we are quick to look at where else this feature can be utilised to advance our other product ranges. The journey of the halo hood system from its aviation origin is a perfect example of this.’

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