The E23 model has been named Official Electric Boat of the 37th edition of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup.

De Antonio Yachts has once again revolutionized the dayboat segment, launching its first 100% electric boat, the E23. A sustainable model, with an absolutely innovative design and cutting-edge technology that has been chosen by the organization of the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup as the Official Electric Boat of the event.

The presentation took place on Monday, April 22nd at the America’s Cup Experience, located in Barcelona’s Port Vell.

The event was attended by prominent businessmen and personalities, together with the international network of distributors of the brand and strategic suppliers of the company. Mr. Lluis Salvadó -President of the Port of Barcelona and Leslie Ryan -Event Director of the America’s Cup and Grant Dalton’s right hand woman-, made some speeches together with the founders of ANTONIO YACHTS, Marc de Antonio and Stan Chmielewski, where they confirmed the total alignment between the brand, America’s Cup and the Port of Barcelona, which share values to advance in a more sustainable sailing, at the forefront of design and technology.


The E23 model has been named Official Electric Boat of the 37th edition of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup.

During this event, several videos were projected to demonstrate the commitment of the Spanish brand with the celebration of the America’s Cup. The most surprising was the one that introduced the spectators to the E23 and its challenge, which consisted of a time trial, with Grant Dalton captaining the first E23 unit, to overcome two laps of a 3-mile circuit along the coast of Barcelona, consuming the minimum of battery power.

With a spectacular result of 47.15 points from the sum of the time invested (16min 15sec) and the percentage of battery consumed (31%), the new E23 Challenge will be the challenge to beat for future owners of the model who want to test their skills at the controls of the E23 in the various events that the brand will organize around the world.

And as a final surprise, and great news for DE ANTONIO YACHTS, Grant Dalton announced at the close of the event, that the D50 Coupé model of the shipyard based in Barcelona, will be the Committee Boat of 37th edition of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup regattas.
Two great news that confirm the consolidation of DE ANTONIO YACHTS as a leader and reference company.

The E23 model has been named Official Electric Boat of the 37th edition of the Louis Vuitton America's Cup.

At the end of the gala, a big surprise was waiting outside the auditorium. The new E23 had been placed at the entrance of the America Cup Experience during the event and was on display for the attendees to see it up close.

De Antonio Yachts, with this launch, has once again demonstrated its great momentum in the market. The E23 is one of the brand’s most ambitious projects as it is the first series production electric boat, with great features and at a very competitive price.

The new era of DE ANTONIO YACHTS is here.

The E23

The E23, the first 100% electric boat in series production and of the latest generation, is a boat of 7.20 meters in length and assisted with a foil integrated between its hulls that provides additional lift by reducing friction when moving forward, increasing speed, reducing consumption and extending its autonomy.

The E23 is a totally innovative model that offers optimal navigation and maximum efficiency. The result is a higher speed with lower power consumption that meets the new sustainability parameters.
It is a very balanced model offering good performance, high maneuverability, great comfort, more than reasonable speed, consumption and price.

Technical specifications:

  • Overall length: 7.20 m
  • Length when afloat: 6,40 m
  • Beam: 2,30 m
  • Hull draft: 0,40 m (without engine)
  • Displacement: 1.450 Kg
  • Power: 50 kW/80 hp
  • Battery capacity: 40 kWh.
  • Maximum speed: 30 Knots
  • Range: 5 Knots 50 Nm / 20 Knots 24 Nm
  • Charging time: 1 h 30′ with fast charger / 8 h with standard charger Fresh water tank: 55 L
  • Construction: Fiberglass infusion with vinylester resin.
  • Foil: 6061 aluminum casting

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