Simrad Yachting are collaborating with the E1 Series to become the official marine electronics partner of the world’s first electric powerboat championship, scheduled to kickoff in early 2023. The announcement coincides with the E1 Series unveiling its first full-size model of the RaceBird powerboat.

Knut Frostad, CEO of Navico, said: ‘The electrification journey is quickly taking hold in the boating industry, and we believe the E1 Series is the ideal platform to raise the bar around innovation and encourage action in marine conservation and sustainability.’

Simrad products, along with C-MAP brands, will assist in supporting the development of on-board systems and the RaceBird’s cockpit for use in a future E1 Series powerboat racing championship. Simrad technology will provide specialist navigation and marine electronics for the RaceBirds, the pilots and support craft at race events, integrating Simrad electronics into the cockpits for teams and race management.

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