Exhibitor sign-up to MDL’s Green Tech Boat Show is gaining momentum. Ready to display their eco-friendly and innovative products, an increasing number of marine businesses and brands are joining the show’s growing line-up.

Designed to shine a spotlight on the marine industry’s green products and technologies with a view to making boating more sustainable, the show will return to MDL’s Queen Anne’s Battery, Plymouth, on 17th and 18th June 2022.

Tim Mayer, MDL’s Sales and Marketing Director, said ‘The focus of the Green Tech Boat Show is helping boat owners and prospective boat owners understand what is available to them when it comes to making the switch to greener options. If you’re designing, manufacturing, distributing or launching an eco-friendly boating product or service, the Green Tech Boat Show is the ideal platform to showcase an innovative, environmentally sound solution for sustainable boating to a receptive audience.’

For more information on MDL’s boat shows visit https://www.mdlmarinas.co.uk/boatshows/

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