ExoTechnologies are launching the world’s first fully recyclable high-performance work boat range. The first commercial vessel, built from the company’s fully recyclable DANU composite material technology, is being delivered to Police Scotland. ExoTechnologies say DANU is the most resource-efficient composite material on the planet, and the Police Scotland boat has a top speed of 50 knots and operating range of 400 nautical miles.

The Police Scotland deal represents the culmination of a £7 million investment in research and development by ExoTechnologies. The new range is being built at Ultimate Boats, the Glasgow boatyard owned by ExoTechnologies. 

CEO Shane Mugan said: ‘We are proud that this pioneering project is being delivered in Scotland in partnership with Police Scotland. To witness the world’s first ever fully recyclable boat in action, made from our DANU composite material technology, is so rewarding after years of research and development. DANU has the potential to tackle the ecological time bomb that sees 250 million kilos of fibreglass and thousands of boats dumped into landfill across Europe each year.’


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