CANNES — Yachting enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs are eagerly awaiting this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival, where the Dutch brand, Focus Motor Yachts, is set to unveil its newest gem, the Forza 369. This stellar addition belongs to their freshly introduced Custom-Line, aiming to set a new benchmark in luxury by elevating their iconic boat models.

The brand’s ambition is clear: to create the ultimate 36-50 feet motor boats. The Forza 369 stands as a testament to this vision. Every facet, from its bespoke cockpit designs to its superiorly tuned engines, speaks of unparalleled finesse. Poised to merge the elegance of a superyacht with the convenience of a weekender, its performance is anticipated to rival a racing champion, making it suitable for both grand soirees and high-speed cruises.

As the festival countdown begins, the Forza 369 is already creating waves, setting new standards in nautical luxury and innovation.

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