Globalstar Europe announced that its devices, including SPOT satellite GPS messengers have to date played a role in over 10,000 rescues worldwide. This milestone includes incidents, many life-threatening, where emergency support was rapidly delivered precisely where needed thanks to satellite-enabled alerts from Globalstar devices.

The activities that have accounted for the 10,000 rescues vary widely; incidents while boating came third (1,007), with the majority of emergencies happening while users were engaging in motorsport/driving (2,503), followed by hiking and mountain sports (2,241).

Rescues have taken place all over the globe, including over 7,000 in North America. To date, there have been 479 rescues in EMEA (including 376 in Europe and 103 in Africa), and 569 in APAC (of which 462 were in Australia).

Compact and cost-effective SPOT devices provide reliable, near-global coverage thanks to Globalstar’s next-generation Low-Earth Orbit satellite. Always-on connectivity and real-time tracking are assured, even in remote locations – including on lakes, rivers and oceans – where traditional networks are unreliable.

Pressing SPOT’s SOS button instantly sends an alert and GPS coordinates to SPOT’s 24/7 crisis response centre. From there, needs are assessed and local first responders are engaged in order to dispatch help rapidly.

SPOT X offers two-way SMS and email messaging as well as GPS tracking and one-touch SOS. SPOT X gives users free incoming messages, easy check-in and full, backlit QWERTY keypad.

SPOT devices are also used by organisational customers, including the MoD.

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