EU notified body HPi Verification Services (HPiVS) and Recreational Craft Directive specialist CEproof Group have merged to become ‘HPi CEproof’ in order to enhance their compliance activities for the global marine leisure industry.

Speaking of the benefits of the merger, Alasdair Reay, CEO of HPiVS, explained: ‘CEproof has quietly built a substantial array of software tools for the boating industry, with new products launching in the immediate future. By merging the businesses, we can add these valuable tools to HPiVS’s services. Working together, we will make compliance easier and more watertight than ever.’

‘HPi and CEproof have worked as two links of the same compliance chain for many years,’ added CEproof CEO and managing director Craig Morris. ‘We are now able to combine our worldwide customer base with the abilities and tools of both companies.’

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