Humber RIBs have long been respected for their seakeeping attributes in the demanding conditions found around the coasts of northern Europe. Their reputation has resulted in their craft being the boat of choice for a host of offshore adventurers, divers and commercial operators over the last 50 years. However, the attributes of the Humber RIB are now being appreciated by professional blue-water maritime organisations too. Strand Marine, Humber RIBs’ official Maltese distributor, recently reported selling four RIBs of cabin and wheelhouse design to the island’s governing authority. The craft pictured here is one of the black sponsoned vessels specifically commissioned by the Maltese Civil Fire & Rescue protection unit. In addition, Humber RIBs have also been commissioned and supplied for use as fishery inspection vessels.

Andrew Roffee, MD of Humber RIBs, told PBR: ‘Our supplying all-weather RIBs to the Maltese authorities gives us a strong and very respected foothold in the Mediterranean commercial maritime arena, and it is our hope, along with our outboard engine partner Suzuki, that further orders will be forthcoming from this region in the months to come.’

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