In the first yachting industry agreement to target decarbonisation, Azimut|Benetti Group and Eni Sustainable Mobility have signed an agreement for the supply and use of HVOlution, a biofuel produced from 100% renewable raw materials.

HVOlution is produced in Eni Sustainable Mobility’s biorefineries from waste raw materials and vegetable residues, or from oils generated from crops that do not compete with the food chain. Factoring in the entire logistics and production chain, HVOlution can deliver emission reductions of up to 90% compared to the benchmark fossil blend.

HVOlution Eni

Azimut|Benetti Group are introducing HVOlution to replace the fossil-based fuel currently used by the Azimut and Benetti brands for the technical testing of new yachts. Owners will also be able to take delivery of new Azimut models with HVOlution biofuel in the tank.

Stefano Ballista, CEO of Eni Sustainable Mobility, remarked: ‘This first supply of biofuel to the recreational boating industry confirms that Eni Sustainable Mobility can support maritime operators on the path to decarbonisation. This agreement will be followed in the coming months by increased sales of HVOlution to the maritime industry as well.’ /

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