IBS Boat Supplies, whose stated vision is ‘a clean boat in a clean sea’, have announced the upcoming launch of two new cleaning products comprising the company’s Eco Green range. The new products are ecologically friendly, formulated with active ingredients that are exclusively of plant origin, renewable and highly biodegradable.

The new GOMMO ECO ecological inflatable cleaner will be available in a 750ml trigger spray bottle and is suitable for any types of inflatable fabric. Meanwhile, the new SYNTEAK ECO synthetic teak ecological cleaner is a biodegradable detergent formulated for frequent cleaning of synthetic teak decks. The product, which is designed not to harm rubber, plastic materials, gelcoat, aluminium or steel, will be supplied in a 1-litre bottle. 

Reflecting on the successful trialling of these products, which will be available online or through IBS stockists, Graham Somers of IBS Boat Supplies said: ‘We have carried out tests on both these products and they exceed our expectations.’

For further details, including prices, visit ibsparts.co.uk.

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