Leading industry trade body the Gas Vehicle Network (GVN) have launched a short video showing how easy it is to make the switch to gas as a transport fuel, and highlighting that substantial fuel cost savings can be made.

Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs at the Gas Vehicle Network, said: ‘There is so much information out there for fleet operators to trawl through, and the decarbonisation landscape can be overwhelming. We wanted a simple way to show how easy it is to make the switch. The GVN video explains the journey towards a greener future by making the switch from diesel to renewable biomethane gas in three simple steps.

‘By switching from diesel to renewable biomethane gas, fleet operators could see savings of up to £29,000 per year, or approximately 52%. In addition, with biomethane, net CO2 emissions could be cut by over 84%. Not only is biomethane reducing carbon emissions today, it is also capable of transporting the UK to net zero by 2050.’

For more information visit www.gvnetwork.co.uk.

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