Proteum signed a contract with Marine Enterprises the UK distributor of FNM engines to become their South Coast of the UK dealer for the FNM brand of in-board engines.

FNM Marine specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality inboard diesel and hybrid engines, renowned for their exceptional reliability and low operating costs. Offering a range of engines, FNM’s Blue Hybrid System, is a highly innovative solution that provides customers with the ability to navigate with zero emissions.
The Blue Hybrid system enables a seamless transition from diesel to electric power, with the benefits of significantly reducing environmental impact. This technology is especially advantageous for commercial vessels operating within protected natural areas, where silent operation and pollution prevention are essential.

FNM engines Proteum

Neil Taylor, General Manager at Proteum, stated: “the addition of the FNM range of engines is an excellent complement to the other established brands distributed by Proteum. FNM engines have a power output ranging from 80hp to 350hp, and they use the latest standard rail fuel injection systems that are controlled by the ECU.
Furthermore, FNM’s latest Blue Hybrid System aligns with Proteum’s goal of offering a range of zero-emission engines, which supports the company’s vision of protecting lives and protecting our planet.”

Sean Brackstone, Managing Director of Marine Enterprises “We are delighted to appoint Proteum as the central south coast dealer for the FNM product range. Having worked very successfully with Proteum for many years, we know that they have a highly skilled team and are ideally placed to meet the needs of FNM customers.”

The FNM engine range is known for its reliability and efficiency in terms of delivery time, which typically takes 6 to 8 weeks. With Proteum’s quick installation process, customers in need of an inboard engine on short notice can get back to full operations in a relatively short period of time.

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