The superior yacht surprised the test drivers with its special features. The event presented an all-time measurement result for the XO EXPLR 44.

“The EXPLR 44 is an amazing yacht. That we know for sure,” says XO Boats’ Henrik Thelen.

“But still, the interest towards the yacht and orders received in the last few days have surprised us.”

Sales have been boosted by XO Boats’ new flagship EXPLR 44 launch events, which were held for dealers, loyal customers, and the media.

The events, held on a private island in the Finnish archipelago just outside Helsinki, gathered a large number of local and European members and friends of the XO family from Australia to Chile, United Kingdom, and North America.

XO Boats - XO EXPLR 44

The maritime surroundings provided a wonderful setting for the incomparable Super Adventure Yacht test drives. EXPLR 44’s Mercury engines (2×600 hp) and streamlined design put their best foot forward in the most beautiful weather of the early Finnish summer.

The boat received much feedback from those who participated in the test drives.

“Our guests were impressed, especially by the boat’s open space and functional layout,” says Thelen.

Exceptionally high praise was given to the spacious rear cabin, of which volume is difficult to perceive from the outside based on the yachts’s hull line.

“There is enough room for even eight people to spend time in the cabin comfortably,” presents Thelen.

XO Boats - XO EXPLR 44

The biggest surprise was the EXPLR 44’s noise level. The editors of the Finnish magazine Kippari (Skipper) gauged the XO EXPLR 44 as the quietest boat of this class ever.

Despite the enormous horsepower, the cockpit noise level was measured at only 72 decibels, which is less than the noise produced by many passenger cars.

Now, the first EXPLR 44 is ready and will be handed over to its owner. What can be expected from XO next?

“We will live with the EXPLR 44 hype for a good while yet, ” guesses Thelen, referring to the trade fair season ahead.

“Next up for the biggest boat shows are Cannes and FLIBS in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where XO will participate. I’m sure we are going to generate a lot of interest.”

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