Latest jet ski range includes new model designed for fishing enthusiasts

Kawasaki, a world leader in personal watercraft innovation, has unveiled its eagerly awaited 2025 Jet Ski line-up, featuring the new Ultra 160LX-S Sea Angler. This new model, tailored for fishing, will be making its UK debut and will be available in the UK through, Kawasaki’s official UK distributor.

Kawasaki’s 2025 range comprises six craft across the LX and LXS series. The new Ultra 160LX-S Sea Angler Jet Ski has been designed specifically to meet the needs of fishing enthusiasts, whether they are sea fishing or pursuing freshwater catches.

The 7” Garmin Echomap UHD2 features a top-class sharp & clear sonar. Kawasaki jet ski

The 7” Garmin Echomap UHD2 features a top-class sharp & clear sonar

The Ultra 160LX-S Sea Angler features a powerful, normally aspirated four-cylinder, four-stroke engine delivering 152 PS, based on Kawasaki Ninja technology. Equipment for this new style of Jet Ski includes a 7” Garmin Echomap UHD2 which excels in detecting fish with a top-class sharp and clear sonar while offering navigation from recorded routes.

The Orca hard cooler has built-in fishing rod holders. Kawasaki jet ski

The Orca hard cooler has built-in fishing rod holders.

To keep the catch fresh, a large Orca hard cooler is set to the rear of the craft with built-in fishing rod holders. A specially designed seat has also been incorporated for maximum comfort during fishing trips.

Like the rest of the 2025 Kawasaki Jet Ski range, the Sea Angler model is offered with a comprehensive package of Genuine Kawasaki Accessories allowing owners to spec their machine according to their own personal use.

The Ultra 160LX-S Sea Anger will make its UK debut in 2025. Kawasaki jet ski

The Ultra 160LX-S Sea Anger will make its UK debut in 2025

Key Features of the Ultra 160LX-S Sea Angler:

  • 7” Garmin Echomap UHD2 with top-class sonar
  • Large Orca hard cooler with fishing rod holders
  • Specially designed flat seating for easy movement and access to gear
  • Added floats for stability and use as footrests while fishing

The 2025 line-up also includes the Ultra 160 and Ultra 310 series, both in LX and LXS models, which offer enhanced comfort, state-of-the-art instrumentation, and innovative features like the Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD) system.

James Barke, Managing Director of, said: “We are excited to bring the 2025 Kawasaki Jet Ski range to the UK market, in particular, the impressive and versatile Ultra 160LX-S Sea Angler. This model exemplifies Kawasaki’s commitment to innovation and meeting the diverse needs of watercraft enthusiasts.”

Kawasaki continues to innovate in the personal watercraft market and the new 2025 range won’t disappoint those looking for family fun, touring, and now, serious fishing.

For more details and to explore the new 2025 Jet Ski range, visit

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