Sustainable fitness equipment is now available to be fitted on board yachts, enabling boat and superyacht owners and guests to join the world’s first eco-friendly floating fitness league, the Boaters Super League.

In partnership with SA Green Solutions, MDL Fitness are bringing the state-of-the-art SportsArt green fitness equipment to the boating community. No longer restricted to exercising and using the equipment in a designated gym, the ECO-POWR and ELITE CARDIO bikes, treadmills and cross-trainers can be installed on board an individual’s motorboat or sailing yacht.

Converting up to 74% of human kinetic energy produced while exercising into clean, renewable energy, the watts generated can be sent back through the yacht’s power grid to offset energy consumption or to recharge batteries.

MDL’s Sales and Marketing Director Tim Mayer said: ‘Members can track their energy production and machine usage stats and compare their progress against other yachters through a local and global watts-produced leaderboard. They can also talk to each other via the forum and get useful content via the MDL Fitness website.’

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