MDL Marinas have announced their support for the Turner Twins’ Blue Pole Project, which combines an Atlantic plastic survey while attempting to reach the Atlantic Pole of Inaccessibility (POI) with a circumnavigation of the UK to promote ocean advocacy and hydrogen fuel technology.

Sailing from the UK via the Canary Islands and the Azores Archipelago, adventurers Hugo and Ross Turner are aiming to reach the Atlantic POI, the point in the Atlantic Ocean that is the furthest away from land in any direction. While completing this epic challenge, the twins will collect data for Plymouth University’s International Marine Litter Research Unit’s study, which aims to identify microplastics in the ocean, with the results being used to help build a clean-up strategy for ocean plastics.

Tim Mayer, MDL’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: ‘Our goals align clearly with those of this ambitious project, which will not only highlight the green technologies available to boaters but will also gather data that can be used to find a longer-term solution to one of the oceans’ greatest threats, plastic pollution.’ /

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