Having first launched joystick control for their outboard range back in 2013, Mercury have now extended this to their new V6 range launched last year. This will be available for V6 3.4L 200hp and 225hp 4-stroke outboards with DTS and the 200hp SeaPro range with DTS. Previously only engines of 250hp and above had the option of this facility. This is the result of a collaboration between Mercury and SeaStar Solutions. In addition to easy berthing, this system enables the helmsman to hold the boat in position, while keeping its present heading. The V6 joystick system components include Mercury Digital Throttle and Shift, SeaStar Optimus joystick, SeaStar Optimus CANtrak display, SeaStar Optimus hydraulic steering pump, SeaStar Optimus Sport Tilt Helm and SeaStar Optimus SmartCylinder.



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