Mirka UK are introducing a simple and easy-to-use dust-free system designed to make the removal of antifoul paint more efficient and environmentally friendly. The process combines Mirka’s latest Novastar sanding disc, in 80 grit, with a Mirka DEROS electric sander with an 8mm orbit connected to a suitable dust extractor. When removing copper antifouling, users are advised to employ only pneumatic sanders, and Mirka recommend the Mirka PROS 680CV with an 8mm orbit and 80-grit Novastar 150mm sanding discs for this process.

Pete Sartain, national sales manager – industrial, commented: ‘We have a commitment to provide the highest-quality products and support to assist our customers. This new process for antifouling removal has been developed based on the needs of the industry and will deliver consistent, rapid performance to undertake a challenging job effectively, improving productivity and output and removing harmful dust particles that are a danger to users and the marine environment.’

To find out more visit www.mirka.com.

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