Mustang Survival, who develop solutions for the most demanding marine environments, have announced their acquisition of the Ocean Rodeo dry wear business. The state-of-the-art dry wear for action water sports and commercial marine will be merged into the existing Mustang Survival Recreation and Professional dry wear range.

The WING Group, manufacturers of small combat craft, white-water rafting solutions and life rafts, among other things, who recently merged with Mustang Survival, facilitated the acquisition of Ocean Rodeo dry wear with the sole purpose of building on its recreational portfolio. The WING Group has also recently established a new global business development and product headquarters in the UK to spearhead the introduction of its products in the European market.

Mustang Survival President Jason Leggatt remarked: ‘Mustang Survival and Ocean Rodeo have a deep shared commitment to technology and innovation. This acquisition will be a catalyst that drives us forward to achieving our vision of being a worldwide water sports brand in active dry wear.’

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