The global leader in maritime safety equipment Mustang Survival continues to push the boundaries of innovation with its latest release, the ISO-approved Atlas 190 Pro Sensor Life Jacket. Available online and in stores today, this revolutionary PFD is set to take the marine and boating industries by storm.

Recipient of a Special Mention at the DAME Design Awards in the Personal Equipment category, the Atlas 190 Life Jacket is a ground-breaking inflatable platform with a re-engineered bladder for exceptional turning performance and airway protection. These life jackets, designed for offshore sailing, cruising, and boating adventures, emphasise comfort during prolonged wear and impressive safety—190N of buoyancy—when inflated. The Atlas utilises ADAPT Technology (Advanced Airway Protection & Turning); bladder lobes shape turns the wearer face up effectively, baffle barriers dissipate incoming waves, and an integrated pillow provides optimal head support and stability.

The developer of the Atlas, Nigel Parkes, who has decades of experience engineering life jackets: “The primary goal was to make it super comfortable,” Parkes explains. I wanted to design a product that is very free around the neck when you’re wearing it in its packed state but offers ultimate performance when inflated. The secondary goal was to challenge conventional bladders and increase the safety features without impacting comfort, resulting in a revolutionary new design. Our wearers can have confidence in knowing that whatever their water adventure, the Atlas 190 has their back should they need it.”

Scott Shawyer from Canada Ocean Racing is one of those endurance athletes, under the tutelage of British solo round-the-world sailor, Alex Thomson, to put the new Atlas 190 through its paces at sea: “The Atlas life jacket is a crucial piece of my safety gear. Sailing solo offshore, I rely on easy-to-use and high-performing equipment. This jacket is so comfortable, there are moments I forget I’m wearing it!”

Building on the innovative inflatable platform and redesigned bladder of the Atlas 190 Pro Sensor Life Jacket, the deluxe (DLX) model adds an integrated spray hood for extra airway protection and a water-activated light for increased visibility in emergencies, ensuring everyone returns home safely.

Only available for purchase in the UK, online and at all Mustang Survival retailers.


– Atlas 190 Pro Sensor Life Jacket £210
– Atlas 190 DLX Pro Sensor Life Jacket £230

For more information on the Atlas models, please visit the Mustang Survival website at

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