Mustang Survival, global leader in maritime safety equipment and technical apparel, is thrilled to announce that its innovative Atlas 190 Pro Sensor Life Jacket has been honoured with the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design. This recognition reaffirms Mustang Survival’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of marine safety equipment, complementing the Special Mention the Atlas received at the 2023 DAME Awards.

Developed for offshore sailing, cruising, and boating, the Atlas 190 impressed the jury with its unparalleled combination of cutting-edge design and uncompromising safety features. The Atlas 190 is a ground-breaking inflatable platform with a re-engineered bladder for exceptional turning performance and airway protection. The sleek and ergonomic fit of the life jacket emphasises comfort during prolonged wear and impressive safety—190N of buoyancy—when inflated. The Atlas utilises ADAPT Technology (ADvanced Airway Protection & Turning); the bladder lobes’ shape turns the wearer face up effectively, baffle barriers dissipate incoming waves, and an integrated pillow provides optimal head support and stability.

Mustang Survival’s Atlas 190 Pro Sensor Life Jacket Wins Red Dot Award for Outstanding Product Design

We are incredibly proud to receive this esteemed recognition for the Atlas 190 Pro Sensor Life Jacket,” said Nigel Parkes, developer and engineer at Mustang Survival. “Being known first and foremost for our PFDs and buoyancy aids in North America, we are now able to round out the collection in the UK. What better way to kick off this new era than with this incredible Red Dot Award win!” 

To learn more about Mustang Survival and their cutting-edge process for developing life-saving products, watch the new web series, Behind the Seahorse. Episode 1 showcases the Waterlife Studio, Mustang Survival’s innovation hub in Vancouver, BC. Established in 1989, this facility, initially known as M.E.T.A. Research, serves as the Canadian headquarters, research and development division, featuring a manufacturing centre, prototyping facilities, a science lab, and a testing pool.

Watch now and share: Episode 1 of Behind the Seahorse!

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