Navico have announced the launch of C-MAP Embark, a nautical navigation app designed to refresh the planning, cruising and fishing experience with the aim of making it simpler.

C-MAP Embark is powered by map data from official hydrographic offices. This data is continuously updated and augmented from thousands of data sources to help complete gaps in near-shore and inland water bodies, providing C-MAP Embark users with enhanced clarity where it matters most. Updated monthly, the maps work across platforms to ensure owners always have the most up-to-date charts on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

‘With the launch of C-MAP Embark, we aim to vastly improve the planning and navigation experience of any cruising, sailing or fishing trip,’ said Sean Fernback, CTO of Navico Group. ‘By providing users with the right information before, during and after their time on the water, they can be confident in the choices they make and enjoy a more stress-free journey.

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