The upgrading of the P1 Panther powerboat, which is at the heart of the P1 SuperStock one-design race series, is gathering momentum, with plans being finalised for the rigorous testing programme that will take place at the Mercury Racing lake facility in Central Florida and on the challenging waters of the Atlantic.

Following the fitting of new carbon hulls to the fleet last winter, the boats will be repowering for the 2019 season with new, 4-stroke outboard engines, and converting to closed-canopy craft. Meanwhile, the race crews will be undergoing specialised training that will include immersion testing known as ‘dunk tests’.

P1 chief executive Azam Rangoonwala described the upgrade programme as a ‘world-class team of specialists harnessing advanced technology and materials to produce a high-speed racing work of art. The principal objectives are to improve the race performance of the boats, enhance safety on the water and attract new racers to the series’.

PBR will have privileged access to the boat testing and will report in the next issue.

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