The new high-performance SOTDMA ATB1 AIS transponder from Ocean Signal has received type approval for distribution throughout Europe, with FCC authorisation anticipated by early 2019, offering boat owners access to one of the most advanced Class B solutions for increased visibility and navigational safety.

Incorporating SOTDMA (Self-Organising Time Division Multiple Access) technology and 5W output power, the Ocean Signal ATB1 Class B device enables more leisure users to benefit from a system that was originally confined to Class A commercial use. The benefits of the SOTDMA scheme include increased priority for position reports with no loss or delay of transmission, enhancing the user’s ability to be seen by other vessels in busy waters.

James Hewitt of Ocean Signal remarked: ‘The ATB1’s increased power and transmission frequency and use of the SOTDMA scheme open up the capabilities and benefits of AIS technology to more people, offering a level only previously available with a Class A AIS unit.’

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