Pascoe International have confirmed that the world’s first 100% electric superyacht limousine tender is now under construction and will be delivered in 2023 to a large new-build mothership from a major northern European shipyard. 

Pascoe’s technical team have been studying the viability of electric-tender propulsion in collaboration with expert advisors and research partners for many years. During this process, they have carried out extensive R&D on hull design, motor integration, battery performance and whole-system optimisation. Partners include automotive electrification specialists, propeller designers, battery manufacturers and leading university research teams. 

Tom Southern, Vice-President at Pascoe International, said: ‘The realisation of a zero-emission-at-point-of-use limousine tender with a top speed of 40 knots and a maximum range of 60 miles will be a defining moment for the superyacht industry. The e-Limousine truly signifies the beginning of a new wave of luxury waterborne travel and a move away from internal combustion propulsion systems in the superyacht sector.’

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