Tecnorib have received the 100th order for their Pirelli 880. Suitable for use as both a day cruiser and a maxi-tender, the Pirelli 880 can fit both outboard and inboard-outboard engines. With a length of 8.70 metres and a width of over 3 metres, the 880 features a large sunbathing area and comfortable seating. There are two editions available: the Sport and the L edition. In the latter, the console houses an additional space, which is conceived as a bathroom, but which can also serve as a supplementary stowage space.

‘We are thrilled to celebrate our 100th order for the Pirelli,’ commented Gianni De Bonis, Tecnorib’s managing director. ‘The 880 attracted owners around the Mediterranean, and then went on to embark for the United States, where it docked in ports ranging all the way to the coasts of California.’

The 100th Pirelli 880 was ordered in the Sport edition, and to celebrate this landmark contract, it will have a special, dedicated livery, to be unveiled only at the very last moment.

www.tecnorib.it / www.pirellidesign.com

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