On 2 October 2022, the mono-hulled offshore British Virgin islands registered powerboat, Awesome, was returning to its home port when it unexpectedly veered to starboard, then rolled violently to port, ejecting 10 occupants in the process. Awesome ended up in a vertical position, with its bow in the air, briefly staying afloat before it started to sink by the stern. Two of the occupants did not survive the accident.

The key safety issues identified were: steering control was lost when a drive shaft failed and severed a hydraulic pipe feeding the steering system. The mechanical failure of a drive shaft occurred due to a lack of maintenance. The kill cords designed to stop the engines in an emergency were not being used. As a result of these factors, both of the victims drowned. It is likely that they were both rendered unconscious during the accident and neither was wearing a PFD. Awesome had seating for five just people, but at the time of the accident, there were 11 people on board, including four children. Although no official safety recommendations have been made by the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) working on behalf of the British Virgin Islands Government, nonetheless, the factors that contributed to this fatal accident afford sobering lessons to be learned for all who ride aboard or drive high powered craft of both inboard and outboard type.

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