When Ribcraft were designing a small, functional, and versatile RIB, what better company to partner with than RAILBLAZA. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, RAILBLAZA have grown over the past decade to become a market-leader in mounting solutions for the small boat and water-sport markets.

These mounts allow a range of interchangeable accessories to be utilized. Ribcraft can then tailor the new Adventure 350 RIB to the customer’s particular application, whether that is Fishing, Leisure or Exploring.

Seen here on display at the Southampton Boat Show, this particular 350 was dressed towards the fishing market, housing an array of RAILBLAZA rod holders. However, the mounting system could just as easily have been utilized for any of the RAILBLAZA accessories such as holders for phones, lights, Go-Pro cameras, cups, biminis, the list goes on, in fact you name an application and there tends to be a RAILBLAZA accessory available.
Nick Edgington, Sales Director (EMEA) for RAILBLAZA told us “We were delighted when we were approached by Ribcraft to assist with their requirements for mounting solutions on the 350. Our mounts offer the consumer with a versatile means to kit out the boat for their particular needs. RAILBLAZA accessories are widely available on the international market, so it makes us an excellent choice for market-leading manufacturers like Ribcraft to partner with.”

Olly Stevens, Global Sales Manager for Ribcraft, added: “Ribcraft leisure have found RAILBLAZA a perfect partner for the leisure market, fishing in particular. The range of Railblaza products has allowed a great level of customisation to meet the adventurous use profile of our customers.”

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