RELiON Battery, part of the Brunswick Corporation, have announced the launch of their new RB36V40 – a durable, long-lasting 36V 40Ah marine lithium battery.

Eric Lindquist, VP and General Manager of Power Systems at Navico Group, remarked: ‘With more than 20 years of experience in the industry and a comprehensive product portfolio, RELiON continue to provide the latest in lithium battery technology. Product development is a key priority, and our team of experts is dedicated to delivering innovation with power and performance. We are delighted to round out our voltage offering with the new 36V battery and provide users with peace of mind and more time on the water.’

The new RB36V40 provides maximum capacity with minimal hassle thanks to its parallel design. The improved connectors and small Group 31 footprint make on-board installation simple, and weighing 70% less than the lead-acid equivalent, speed through the water doesn’t need to be sacrificed. Additionally, the parallel set-up allows for quicker, easier charging and more power in the tank when needed.

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