Inland waterway emergency assistance and breakdown firm River Canal Rescue (RCR) have launched an environmentally friendly bilge discharge filter known as Bilgeaway.

Bilgeaway uses a non-toxic solution to extract hydrocarbon contaminants (petrol, diesel, engine oil etc.) from water and render them non-reactive, leaving environmentally friendly contents in a cartridge that can be disposed of and the housing reused.

Bilgeaway is capable of removing hydrocarbons to less than 3 parts per million (ppm) and doesn’t exceed 5ppm, thereby complying with the UK Boat Safety Scheme’s requirement that hydrocarbon content should be less than 5ppm when discharged into the waterways, while the Marine Pollution Authority’s contaminant limit for coastal waters is 15ppm.

‘We wanted to ensure our bilge filter solutions exceeded expectations,’ said RCR operations director Jay Forman. ‘If every boat owner installed a filter, in 10 years’ time the waterways environment could look completely different and the oil slicks in marinas and harbours would be a thing of the past.’

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