Marine technology company savvy navvy have released a new departure scheduling feature enabling boaters to see at a glance the best time to depart based on their route, wind and tidal conditions.

The latest feature from savvy navvy means the 190,000 global users of their app are now able to compare passage times, as well as weather and tide information, and immediately make crucial decisions based on safety, comfort, time and cost.

Jelte Liebrand, CEO and founder of savvy navvy, commented: ‘savvy navvy really is as simple as Google Maps for boats. Over the past five years we have worked hard to constantly develop our app to simplify boating technology. Our scheduling feature allows boaters to plan better and make more informed decisions. The app lets our users visually see the best time to depart given wind and tidal implications, ultimately leading to more informed and cost-saving decisions for their journeys.’

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