Saxdor Yachts, the world’s fastest-growing boatbuilder, is proud to announce the expansion of its production capacity with a new shipyard in Larsmo, Finland. This strategic move comes in response to the soaring demand for Saxdor’s innovative and high-quality yachts.

The transition marks a significant milestone for Saxdor, fully embracing Finnish boatbuilding skills and craftsmanship. The Larsmo region, with its long history of boatbuilding of several world-class boat brands such as Baltic Yachts and Nautor Swan, harbors professional and skilled workforce that inspired Saxdor to focus on producing its larger, high-end models there.

Production shall begin in the autumn when Saxdor Yachts will take over the facility previously occupied by Baltic Yachts.

Saxdor Yachts Expands Production and R&D into New Facility in Larsmo, Finland

Saxdor is making a long-term investment in its Larsmo shipyard, with plans to create over 100 jobs, starting with approximately 50 professionals. The company has already made key recruitments and is actively seeking more boat building professionals to join its team. This move not only boosts local employment but also establishes Saxdor as a significant employer in the region, fostering good collaboration with Larsmo county, by supporting local communities and contributing to the regional economy.

Saxdor Yachts Expands Production and R&D into New Facility in Larsmo, Finland

Erna Rusi, CEO of Saxdor Yachts, comments: “This expansion of production to Finland represents an important milestone for Saxdor. Besides additional production capacity to meet the high global demand, it also gives us the opportunity to have another innovation hub for R&D. At the same time, our shipyard in Elk, Poland, with its 10,000 sqm and 550 employees, remains a cornerstone for the company. The extensive know-how we have built over the years allows us to continue to expand our serial production capacity to make sure we get enough products out to the market. The integration of both capabilities, along with our growing team at Saxdor, will enable us to elevate our capabilities and reach the next level of innovation and production excellence. We’re extremely pleased to have production take place also in our home market.”

The new Finnish shipyard will play a crucial role in Saxdor’s long-term plans, including the production of upcoming new models. With this strategic move, the company demonstrates a bold approach and confidence in Finnish craftsmanship and its commitment to producing world-class yachts.

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