SEA.AI’s Brain pursues the promise of vaster surface vision capabilities for third-party thermal cameras. SEA.AI’s Machine Vision complements current RADAR, AIS and Telemetrics systems by constantly scanning the horizon and automatically alerting the bridge to even the smallest surface danger or anomaly. SEA.AI’s proven and pedigreed machine vision technology closes the gaps to complete maritime vision. Brain is another SEA.AI vanguard and iterative tool supported by six years of on and offline maritime surface data.

“All sailors take comfort and pride in comprehensive information delivered at the right time. No detail is too small if it ensures the safety of the crew, the vessel and the cargo.” Marcus Warrelmann, CEO at SEA.AI.

The edge to efficiency and safety in sailing, shipping and maritime patrolling comes from peak awareness and trusted information. By boosting current optical systems, the Brain is the missing piece in the puzzle towards complete vision under all circumstances and conditions.

Detection systems for above and below the water’s surface are excellent and improving all the time. What’s been missing are the one more pair of eyes trained on floating objects on the surface – whether in large swells or at night, whether the object is a small watercraft, debris, lost cargo or a person.

SEA AI PolarFront

SEA AI PolarFront

“Shipping lanes are more crowded and there is simply more junk floating on our waters. Our goal was to develop a complementary technology to third-party thermal cameras leveraging AI and cutting-edge optics to see further and more confidently.” Solenn Gouerou, Head of Marketing at SEA.AI.

The SEA.AI’s Brain tells you when and where to look. Since the variables on the water are as endless and changing as the water itself, it’s not always obvious or predictable what to watch for and when to watch for it. Add to that the endless checklist on board any vessel during any voyage. No human can attend to everything all the time. Brain’s AI enhancements can and do. The SEA.AI software learns of and automatically alerts the bridge to surface objects of any size and material along the course. In essence, the new SEA.AI’s Brain answers questions before they are asked.

SEA.AI Brain Announcement

Data backs up the performance of the Brain. For years, yachtsmen and racers have used, collected and shared their extensive data with SEA.AI. Mariners tend to be collaborative, often sharing information even when competitive instincts might suggest otherwise, because it’s the right thing to do. This vast accumulation of data, gathered under various conditions and from all corners of the globe, is the heart of the Brain and serves a shared goal: enhance safety, security, and ultimately to save lives at sea.

SEA.AI proudly introduces Brain. A more enhanced set of machine vision intelligence trained on the horizon. Compatible with current navigational and monitoring systems, 24/7 surveillance, intuitive and always learning.

SEA.AI Brain is available for third party IP cameras supporting ONVIF S standards in Summer 2024.

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