An award-winning piece of technology, the ‘Seabin’, has been installed at Plymouth Yacht Haven to remove pieces of floating plastic from the sea. The Seabin, which draws water in before pumping it through a fine mesh and collecting the resulting waste, is capable of collecting around 1.4 tons of marine waste each year.

Steve Kitchen, Marina Director at Plymouth Yacht Haven, remarked: ‘Working and living by the water, we see first-hand the impact of marine litter and its effect on marine wildlife around Plymouth. Our marina staff decided to introduce more initiatives to make our local environment cleaner and more sustainable for everyone, from litter picking on Mount Batten beach to this new Seabin installation.’

The Australian-developed device is made from fully recycled materials and was donated by Plymouth-based marine firm Boskalis Westminster. The company’s Isobel Loxton said: ‘We want to play our part in reducing the amount of plastic waste around our coastline, and with the Seabin this can be targeted to provide tangible results for the local marine communities we work in.’ 

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